AMANO Japanese Business Consulting

Building Partnerships Between Americans and Japanese

AMANO Japanese Business Consulting provides seminars, executive coaching,
meetings facilitation, communications support, mediation,
technical and negotiations interpreting, and cross cultural management systems to build U.S.-Japan partnerships.

Services are provided with emphasis on business negotiations
and highly technical discussions in fields such as
information technology, financial services, software, telecommunications,
high-tech manufacturing, legal, consulting, training, medical, biotech,
entertainment, political campaign management, and non-profit organizations.

AMANO's strong reputation for facilitating negotiation and highly technical situations
is backed by a diverse list of clients.

Popular offerings are one-on-one coaching and seminars on business and cultural need-to-know
information for American executives about doing business with their Japanese counterparts.

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To discuss solutions for your Japanese needs, please contact or call 240-498-6910.

Working with the Japanese?

We Can Give You Essential Skills, Knowledge and Support to Increase Your Effectiveness and Comfort Level in Working with the Japanese.

As early as possible you will want:

As meetings are happening:

After the deal is closed:

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AMANO Clients

"Both the Japanese delegation and the Coca-Cola Company's expectations were exceeded by the level of services provided."

-Bruce Skala, National Account Representative, Coca-Cola

Partial Client List:

Information Technology:
iSi-Dentsu; Hitachi Ltd; Softbank Technology
Mitsubishi Electric Information Network Corporation

Financial Services:
Account One Corporation; Equifax Card Solutions

Teknowledge Corporation; IBM Japan

Corning Cable Systems; Hitachi Cable, Ltd.; Lucent Technologies
Furukawa Electric Industries; US WEST

High Tech Manufacturing:
U.S. Conec, Ltd.; NTT; Fujisawa

Law Firms:
Paul, Hastings, Janofsky & Walker, LLP; Bondurant, Mixon & Elmore, LLP
Smith, Gambrell & Russell, LLP; Latham & Watkins

Marketing Communications:
Dentsu, Inc.; The Link Group

Consulting and Training:
Nomura Research Institute, Ltd.; Japan Institute of Plant Maintenance
JMA; The Center for Creative Leadership
The Rampey Center, University of South Carolina-Spartanburg

Manufacturing and Retail:
Senco Products, Inc.; Milliken; Brown & Williamson Tobacco
Shimizu America Corporation; Yamaha Motor Manufacturing Corporation

Media and Entertainment:
Fuji Television Network, Inc.; Turner Broadcasting System,Inc.

Food Distribution:
The Coca-Cola Company; Outback Steakhouse International

Non Profit Organizations:
CARE Foundation; Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce
Walton Electric Membership Corporation; World Trade Center Atlanta

Medical, Chemical:
Kimberly-Clark; BP Amoco; Dainippon Ink & Chemicals Inc.

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Who is Taka Amano?

Taka's Background

Taka Head Shot Taka Amano (full name: Takatsugu Amano) has been in the business of communication between cultures since 1980. That year Kodansha International conducted a translating contest commemorating the publication of their English translation of Musashi; winning First Place was the official send-off of Taka's professional career. Previously, Taka had attained notoriety in Japanšs English language professional community as the youngest ever to pass the prestigious Standard Test of English Proficiency (known as "Ei-Ken Ikkyu").

Bridging East and West, Language and Technology

Taka grew up in Yokohama, New York, and Los Angeles and graduated private schools in Tokyo ("Azabu" may ring a bell with those familiar with Japan) and in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia). He has a B.A. from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He is highly educated to read, write, and speak both English and Japanese natively. He is quite unique in his ability to function naturally and appropriately in both cultures. Unlike many language specialists, his skills and education are strong in business, science and technology as well as in the arts and humanities.

Japanese Business Consulting

Taka educates American clients on business issues and cultural background to increase comfort and effectiveness in working with the Japanese, sits in on meetings to create comfort and facilitate understanding, and acts as a go-between to the two parties for communication and correspondence. In addition, Taka is a top-level interpreter and translator.

Additional Skills and Expertise

Taka has the ability to rapidly grasp business-oriented and highly technical concepts and restate in another language, as well as analyze concepts and apply to problem solving. Taka is trained in behavioral technology to help Japanese and American managers to accelerate employee performance and morale. In the past, he has been a systems consultant and an authorized Apple VAR with expertise in Japanese computer systems.

Essential Beliefs

Taka believes that words and ideas transcend languages; there is always a good way to communicate intentions and foster understanding. His attitude is to reflect this commonality and unity across cultural boundaries.

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